AWARD TRUST has undertaken and successfully implemented various programs for the welfare of marginalized and disadvantaged weaker sections, like women and children, youths, elders, Dalits SC/ST people, Being an organization committed to bring about a healthy change in the social and economic life of the community, AWARD has extended and developed its activities to remote rural areas in the district, accordingly, to create awareness on water & sanitation, solid waste management, trainings to rural women, pachayat leaders, SHG members, elected member, and school children nearly 1560 people were benefited in keerapalayam block, The activities of the field units are regularly, monitored by the organization.

  • Awareness Generation Programs in rural areas.
  • HIV/AIDS prevention education, care and support.
  • To provide practical and social support for orphans, women and other vulnerable children.
  • Community Institutions formation and capacity building.
  • Youth welfare programs .
  • Water and Sanitation programs, Free tuition centers villages.
  • Elders Welfare Activities,(Camps, Motivations,).
  • Formation of SHGs , small savings and credits.
  • Women and children empowerment & rights Programs.
  • Health awareness and Medicare services .
  • Sustainable Agriculture/Environment/Ecology.
  • Promotion, Of Income generation and skill development.
  • Networking, advocacy, lobbying, Guidence and counseling.

To strengthen our activities and programs, AWARD conducted Socio-economic survey for updating the data collected in the previous year was conducted by engaging trained volunteers in 7 community development clusters of cuddalore district for a data base for formulation and implement

AWARD TRUST organization implemented the central Govt project named Serva Shiksha Abiyan (SSA) through cuddalore district chief Educational Officer with approval of District collector, programs was implemented in 3 blocks of cuddalore district named Kurinjipadi, Keerapalayam and Neyveli, through this program we identified. More than 756 school drop out children [age between 6-14] in various villages, these children were friendly treated and motivated on importance of education in our residential hostels with well qualified and social minded workers. Free books, food, dress were provided to them for 10 months, like gurukulam system of education, after residential program over, AWARD mainstreamed the all children in regular school by this unique program, 856 children’s educational carrier mainstreamed from drop out of from school.

Women’s Emancipation depends largely on the power and strength, gained by them through better education and also becoming economically independent, within twin objectives programs for women empowerment and emancipation were organized trainings, seminars in village of Kurinjipadi, Keerapalayam blocks [in 39 village panchayats] the change in the community towards the problems and issues of women. Our motivational programs were mostly concentrated women acquiring more knowledge about all human activities and above all they have to develop self confidence, our programs mainly focus on these aspects, women’s self help group (SHG) is means for woman’s empowerment Individual women who fined herself helpless, called fined solution to any of the problems collectively. The self help group (SHGs) is therefore helpful in empowering women, AWARD has been forming 50 self help groups (SHG) in rural areas, as an incentive to strengthen the micro credit activities and income generation programs AWARD has been approaching various financial institutions and funding agencies.

AWARD organization one of the district collector’s approved NGO to operate emergency ambulance under public private partnership in Keerapalayam block, A well equipped ambulance van worth of Rs. 15 lakh provided to AWARD to serve and transport obstetric cases, Road transport accidents (RTA) cases for concestional rates, AWARD providing this ambulance van service in free of cost to Bellow poverty line people, by this unique emergency ambulance van service AWARD averted nearly 32 transit deaths,

Emergency Ambulance service Progress at a glance:
1. Total no. of patients transported –10 52 (Emergency, obstetric, RTA, others)
2. Total No. of patients transported on free of cost – 717.
3. Total No. of patients belong to SC/ST – 448.
4. Total No. of places were patients Transported – 642.

With the support and guidance of CP Ramasamy Ayer Foundation Chennai & Ministry of forest and Environment, Govt of India, AWARD conducted 7 days national environmental awareness campaign (NEAC) on solid waste management for school children local leaders, social teachers, SHG members, and community organization members in Keerapalayam block (5 villages) nearly 1675 people were benefited by these campaign, competition, distribution of resource materials and posters, rally etc. To make the people aware of solid waste management AWARD & CPR Foundation constructed compost structures in schools to segregate solid waste.

1. Rural people from 65 village s– 11000 Members (Blocks of 1.Kurinjipadi,2.Mel Bhuvanagiri,3.Kammapuram,4.Keerapalayam)
2. Local Panchayat leaders (elected) – 130 Members.
3. School Teachers (54 schools) – 238 Members.
4. School children (103 schools) – 3650 Members.
5. Community organization members – 175.
After both awareness & action components activities conducted children and general public using compost yard/dust bins instead of open places, recycling of solid waste bas been seen in villages, segregation of solid waste practicing by the people.

Sanitation condition in villages is very pathetic and dangerous, many villagers nearly 90% of the people are under lack of knowledge on sanitation, to over come these, AWARD’s village volunteers regularly motivating to construction of house hold latrine (IHHL), school Anganwadi toilets, hygiene practice among school going children at orathur, Keerapalayam Block we AWARD encourage the villagers to make orathur as clean village in all aspects through our enthusiasm and motivation on sanitation nearly 307 house hold toilets were constructed by beneficiary after the felt need of the people, AWARD promote water and sanitation programs in villages with people’s involvement and participatory approach instead of supply driven programs.

In rural areas many people under poor knowledge on HIV/AIDS especially women adolescent girls, and youths to promote aids awareness among villagers, AWARD printed lot of Pham lets stickers, resource materials and provided them our village base volunteers also creating awareness through awareness songs, camps, selling condoms etc.

To make all rural people to able to read and write, AWARD organizing rural literacy centre (RLC) in our target villages through which illiterates are literate, under this scheme many volunteers appointed to make all success to strong then this program we need help and approach from ministry of social justice and empowerment literacy India trust, others etc.

In our society aged people facing lot of sufferings physically & mentally by their own relatives sons, but aged person are the assets of our nation, their own experience and skills will be very helpful to our betterment of me society, in order to protect their health, AWARD this year also conducted some general health screen camps, like eye camp, BP, sugar also, for rural elders care, AWARD proposed to start day care centre in vadalur, Parvathpuram when more no. of elders wandering for begging with lot of sufferings in Gna samba temple. We propose to ask guidance and support from help age India. Chennai.

In our social set up, women is the key person in the family and also in community, But in our rural areas, they do not have proper health, education as well as economic and political rights, there is no equality and equal wages between men & women. In order to over come these blockades. We are organizing them through various motivational meetings trainings in rural areas to get independence women rights, general awareness, leadership and capacity building to achieve these aspects state social welfare Board is assisting our organization to fulfill the aspects, we are also giving very much importance on women health, AIDS awareness, ANC, PNC, RCH and education. For which, we are conducting heath camps, counseling, First Aid, referral services we have number of social minded Doctor friends whose are very much helpful to implement the programme.

In order to able read and write the rural illiterates, AWARD conducting Rural Literacy Centers (RLC) in Villages through which illiterates are literate which is our programme and we are approaching to get funds and support from literacy India Trust (LIT), mission India and ASHA to strengthening of its program.

In Rural areas nearly 80% of its women are unskilled Agricultural labours in our area, In order to equip their skills. We are providing income generating Training programmes like Tailoring, wire basket making, embroiding, readymade garments, interested rural girls and women are actively involved in the programmes, two tailoring training centers are available in our office through which 28 women benefited which is AWARD’s own assistance program to strengthening the programs. We are proposed to approach central social welfare Board, New Delhi. After that training nearly 13 women are set up their own arrangements for their earnings through Tailoring.

The aged persons are the assets of our nation, their own expeience and skills will be helpful for the betterment of the society. In order to protect their health, we are conduct the general health screen camps, Eye camps and conducting special camps like Sugar, BP, TB and So on. For the aged we take care on their welfare (on the basis of help Age India, Training and suggestions). In its next year AWARD propose to for elders Self Help Groups (SHG) to attain senior citizen’s welfare on demand driven (or) participatory approaches.

We are organizing youth clubs in 3 villages AWARD giving suggestions and ideas for their village development. AWARD lead them properly and using their for their own village development activities. Leadership training, capacity, building, social service, National integration training and sports training provided to provide those services AWARD approaching the District Nehru Yuva Kendra.

1. Social action program against dowry, child marriage, male domination violence against women, evils of drinking liquor in rural areas.
2. Relief and Rehabilitation programs, cyclone, flood, Tsunami, etc.
3. Welfare of SC/ST, details people.
4. Programs for physically handicaps in assisting to utilize govt welfare programs.
5. Road safety program to school students.
6. Cancer detection camp: A cancer deduction camp wars organized in Keerapalayam block during.
the year 56 persons were attended to the camp.
7. Training to field staff: This year we conducted 6 days trainings to field workers, emergency ambulance drivers, nurses etc.

AWARD has been following U.N information service’s guidance for developmental activities, In order to popularize the UN messages, the organization arranges meaningful programs on all important days observed and celebrated as below in Every year.
1. Elders day [October- 1st]
The problems old age and need for care and support to the aged both by family members and society at large was discussed, 30-to 60 members were attend the day.
2. World day of the Disabled [Dec-3rd]
In this day of celebration disabled person were encouraged to achieve more than normal person, guided them to utilize govt. welfare programs.
3.Human Rights Day
Addressed to villagers about the rule law and rights, civilian policing, police authority, promoting a positive relationship between police and citizens.
4. International Women’s Day

News & Events

67 villages panchayats in Cuddalore districts, Blocks namely
1. Kurinjipadi,
2. Mel Bhuvanagiri,
3. Cuddalore,
4. Panruti,
5. Keerapalayam.
6. Kammapuram.
7. Port nova