An acronym of Action for welfare and Awakening in Rural Development, (AWARD TRUST ) is a voluntary agency founded by dedicated social worker SRI.K.Sivanandam, Retired Government School Teacher in the year 2000, to work with and among the rural poor and socio-economically depressed groups in Cuddalore District of Tamil Nadu in India, Since its inception, dedicated workers / Volunteers team have working hand in hand to the betterment of poor people with the aims of ‘from poor to Prosperity” Nearly 50 thousands people in two hundred villages(Five Blocks ) gets socio economic development, Our Organization implementing various development projects with central, state government and foreign funding.

Full Name and Designation
1 S.Saraswathi. Managing Trustee, SSLC Female
2 D.Arivalagan. Treasurer. M.A.BED,PGDC SSLC Male
3 S.Sakthivel. Honorary Advisor, M.A,M.Phil,B.Ed,BLIS, Male
4 S.Marianathan, Trustee MSW, Male
5 V.Chitra, Trustee. HSC Female
6 G.Sridhar, Honorary Consultant. B.SC,Agri. Male

Women, children, small and marginal farmers Landless agricultural laborers, Youth, women headed families and and vulnerable people.


1 Full time 5
2 Part time 26
3 Volunteers 67
  • Registered Under Indian.  Charitable Trust Act of 1882 vides reg. No .18/ BK IV /2000 dated 27th December 0f 2000.
  • Registered in Government of India under Foreign Contribution Regulation Act .1976 (FCRA) in Indian Ministry Home Affairs vide reg. No: 076010170 (Social), dated 20 th December 2006.
  • Registered in Government of India, Income tax department under 12 AA (b) of the Indian Income tax Act, 1961 for tax exemptions.
  • Registered in Government of India, Income tax department under 80 G (5) (VI) of the Income tax Act,1961 Tax exemption to the donors.

News & Events

67 villages panchayats in Cuddalore districts, Blocks namely
1. Kurinjipadi,
2. Mel Bhuvanagiri,
3. Cuddalore,
4. Panruti,
5. Keerapalayam.
6. Kammapuram.
7. Port nova